4 Biggest Shipping Companies in the USA

United Parcel Service of America Inc is an Atlanta based UPS and it is among the biggest globe company with a huge number of the packages that are being delivered in the entire world. The industry is branded Big Brown since its Full service logistics are associated with its brown log. The company started to work in the year 1907 and it was just courier service that used the bicycles. Now the company owns five hundred aircraft and it serves over two hundred nations while it continues to grow on regular basis. The services of the company are to deliver the documents and the packages worldwide and it offers the Fulfillment services. In the past, the company added more services including less than truckload transportation with the supply chain services. UPS offers the service in different segment: international package operations, domestic package operations with the supply chain and the freight operations. Click here to read more info about shipping companies in USA.

4 Biggest Shipping Companies in the USA

FedEx Corporation is the company that was founded first in California in the year 1970. The company is known because of the reliability and the velocity. The company has more than 400 offices, print centers, retailer sites and it operates in the US for seven days each week. FedEx is found in the worldwide ground and it has air network that ensure the best delivery. It also works with the Houston freight broker in Houston.

At first it was called FDX but it changed the name to FedEX Corporation and it rebranded the subsidiaries.

Maersk company is the company with a number of the Houston freight brokers and it is a global company with the biggest shipping service. The company has worked in the logistics for more than century and it has the best expertise and logistics. The expertise that the company has including working with Flatbed trucking companies in Houston and transporting food products, furniture, clothing, footwear and electronics. The company is also the owner of the different ports in the world. It has 65 terminals and it has over 20300 workers. The company is now trying to acquire not only the Oversized loads Houston but also to get a global access and to use large vessels. Read more at http://www.apnlllcus.com/

United States Postal Service: even if it can be limited when it comes to dealing with the oversized specialized delivery or working outside the country, the USPS is still the second largest employer of the US and the first one is Wal-mart. It owns large civilian vehicle fleet for the entire world and the USPS shipping gets the revenue in billions. The company goes back in the year 1975 and it was during Second Continental congress where the first postmaster general was appointed. The residential customers may fill out the mail form for which their mails may be forwarded to a new address and the pre-printed forms may be sent to regular correspondent. The company also offers the safe option to send the cash using mail and it is available up to 1000 dollars. The money orders and the bank cheque sent through this company can only be cashed out by the addressee. Contrary to the bank check, the cheque are normally prepaid and they cannot be returned just because of the insufficient funds.

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