Top 5 Warehouse Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Warehouse and distribution

Warehouse and distribution centers have extremely changed the way they used to do business in the past few years. Do you have it in you to face and overcome the biggest challenges that warehousing services have to face today?

I have made a list of 5 big challenges you have to face if you own a warehouse and distribution center.

1. Managing the Inventory

If you are a full service logistics company, we’d have to look at the challenge that is about the management of your inventory. This includes everything from receiving to shipping. If you are not a good manager and you don’t understand your DC stock, you are very much prone to problems like overstock or backorders which is worse because backorders would make your customers unhappy. This is what you should never risk.

Solution: Real-time cycle counting will definitely ensure 98% accuracy or even better.

2. Meeting your Customer’s Expectations

Customers are very picky and they expect too much from you. To ensure you live up to their expectations, providing specific labels for your customers should be your biggest priority. You should be capable of assembling orders. If you cannot fulfill your customer’s requests, they’d go to other warehousing services in no time.

Solution: You should make a warehouse system by which you can automatically accommodate such customers. Obviously, you cannot create special labels every time for every demanding customer but you can work out a labelling system that is automatic and it recognizes each customer’s demands. Thus, providing your customers with customized labels according to their preferences without you having to check them individually.

3. Globalization

The market has so many different full service logistics companies and there is just so much competition going around. Houston logistics sells nearly the same products as any other warehousing services in the market but it’s better than most. The quality is good. If you cannot compete with the likes of Houston Logistics, you’ll lose a lot of customers to them.

Solution: Warehouse and distribution centers are all about doing less with more. Automated processes and accuracy help you save a lot of time and capital which can result in a successful business.view more from

4. Partial Business Growth

As the economy improves, you’d need to extend your business. Increasing your sales would be great. But it doesn’t ensure your ability to start hiring new employees just like that. If you don’t take advantage of warehouse technology, you have to hire employees even if you are financially not that stable. New employees would need training and you’d not have enough time for that.

Solution: Warehouse management systems not only help you keep your staff roster at a minimum level by allowing the employees to work with their highest capacities, but it also helps to lessen the time needed for training of the new employees.

5. e-Commerce:

Warehouse and distribution

Today’s world is electronic which means, it’s fast and more efficient. If you are unable to take orders from your customers on the web, you are way too behind in the modern business era. Today, everything is done over the internet.

Solution: If your customers can send you EDI and you can accept ASNs from your customers, you have a great advantage over other full service logistics businesses in the market that have not yet understood the importance of e-commerce in the modern world.

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